This is big.
taco bell test kitchen
Credit: Courtesy of Taco Bell

Very soon, you'll get a chance to meet the minds behind things like the Spicy Triple Double Crunchwrap. And the minds behind—gasp!—the Cheetos Quesadilla.

Because for the first time in Taco Bell's long and storied history, the fast-food chain is opening its test kitchen to the public. And on Cinco de Mayo (May 5), you'll be able to snag a reservation using OpenTable (no, we don't know what time, and the brand's keeping that a secret). Alas, only thirty-two spots are available, though guests are allowed to bring a plus-one. The research lab is located in Irvine, California and the dinner itself is set to take place on Friday, May 19.

The five-course dinner will feature never-before-seen dishes "inspired by Taco Bell classics, but done with a twist," according to a spokesperson for the brand. Drinks will be served, too, so only those 21 and older will be permitted to attend. Personally, we're most curious to hear what those Taco Bell inspired cocktails will look like.

And...wait for's FREE! Well, the dinner part, anyway. You'll have to think outside the bun and figure out a way to actually get there if you're not from Irvine.

Anyway, don't fret too much if you're already feeling woeful about your chances of getting access to the research lab. Yes, they're slim, but Taco Bell promises that a "handful of additional reservation-only dining experiences" are to come later in 2017. Stay tuned.