Plus bread-themed movies and an aluminum foil knife.
poptart overhead
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

Most weeks the Internet is a bevy of odd and wonderful food finds, and this week is no exception. Here are some of the viral, curious, and downright funny things we've seen popping up our feeds so far.

Taco Bell x Pop-Tarts

While not an official collaboration between the two iconic brands, YouTube starts Rhett and Link were challenged to eat a Pop-Tart shell filled with Taco Bell taco ingredients. Honestly, with Taco Bell putting things like a French Toast Chalupa into the world, it's not far from probable.

An Aluminum Foil Knife

Japanese YouTuber Attoteki Fushinsha no Kiwami can make a knife out of just about anything, including flimsy tinfoil and even pasta.

Pete Wells Pivots to Chicken

With the news that Eleven Madison Park's Made Nice would be focusing more on chicken to redefine itself, New York Times restaurant critic Wells had the perfect new media landscape response.


Follow this Twitter hashtag game for the best puns since sliced wry bread.

Tiny Embroidered Food

Food 52 writer Camryn Rabideau shared her obsession with embroidered food and to be honest, we're obsessed now, too.

Conan Goes Italian

Late night talk show host Conan O'Brien accompanied (and annoyed) his well-traveled, culinarily sophisticated producer Jordan Schlansky on a road trip through Italy in a special that aired Wednesday night. Want to recreate the experience? Here's every food stop they make along the way.

Jacques Pépin Praises YouTube Omelet

In a quest to become a better cook, YouTube's Alex French Guy Cooking followed the master chef's steps to making the perfect French omelet. Pépin saw the video and took time to respond, but issued another challenge to Alex. Find out more about the exchange here.

A Super Size Me Sequel (of Sorts)

The hit documentary Supersize Me followed director Morgan Spulock as he ate only McDonald's food for an entire month. YouTuber Mike Jeavons tried recreating the experiment for a week and got rather confounding results: he lost weight.

Restaurant Staff's Funny, Punny Gesture

And in "puns with a purpose" new: According to a post from Twitter user Scott T., after his girlfriend's lung replacement check-up appointment the two went out for dinner at Seasons Innovative Bar & Grille in Knoxville, TN. He mentioned it to the restaurant staff who sent out this incredibly thoughtful and witty dessert.