They're basically cayenne-flavored Pop Rocks.

By Melissa Locker
Updated August 10, 2017
Credit: Paul J. Richards / Getty Images

If urban legends are to be believed, you will definitely want to avoid drinking a Coke while eating Taco Bell’s latest menu item. The fast food chain is reportedly testing what is essentially a Pop Rocks-filled burrito and they surely don’t want anyone’s stomach to explode. That’s what happens when you combine Pop Rocks and Coke, right? (Luckily, Taco Bell serves Pepsi.)

Four Taco Bell locations in the Orange County, California area are serving up something called a Firecracker Burrito, according to FoodBeast. The new twist on the humble burrito comes filled with the standard combination of rice, cheese, ground beef, and red tortilla strips, with the option of adding a spicy chipotle sauce. The real surprise comes in the form of a 20¢ packet of spicy popping crystals that the bravest among us can sprinkle on their burritos while they eat to add an explosive, fizzy texture to the meal. It doesn’t look like the Firecracker Burrito is an official collaboration between Taco Bell and Pop Rocks, as the photo that FoodBeast posted of the packets were Taco Bell-branded “Cayenne Popping Crystals”, which honestly sound downright dangerous.

The poppin’ new item isn’t completely out of the box for Taco Bell, as the chain has never been known to shy away from adding eyebrow-raising items to their menu. This is the chain that brought us a Cheetos Burrito, a Chicken Biscuit Taco, a fried chicken-wrapped Naked Chicken Chalupa, and triangular-shaped chicken "chips" after all. While the addition of “cayenne popping crystals” sounds outlandish, Pop Rocks have been a featured ingredient in the molecular gastronomy arsenal for years now, with chefs and mixologists adding them to desserts, cocktails, Oreos and even sushi. It seems inevitable that they would end up in fast food.

FoodBeast was able to confirm the locations of four Taco Bell franchises that are testing the Firecracker Burrito until August 16th, if you dare to try it.