Taco Bell Just Launched a Monthly Taco Subscription for Ten Bucks

After a successful test last year, the 30-day Taco Lover's Pass is now available across the country.

In September, Taco Bell likely left a lot of diehard fans jealous when the chain began testing a new Taco Lover's Pass — offering a chance to grab a taco a day for 30 days at one low price — but only at a mere 17 locations around Tuscon, Arizona.

Now, for any Fourth Meal fans who felt left out, their dream is about to come true: Taco Bell is taking the Taco Lover's Pass nationwide starting today.

Here's a recap of how the digital subscription service works: Customers who sign up for the Taco Bell Rewards program can pay for the pass via the Taco Bell app, unlocking a secret category in the menu that will allow them to choose a taco each day for 30 consecutive days and redeem it in-restaurant. The seven choices for each free taco are the Crunchy Taco, Crunchy Taco Supreme, Soft Taco, Soft Taco Supreme, Spicy Potato Soft Taco, Doritos Locos Tacos, and Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme. Probably unsurprisingly, Taco Bell said that, during the trial run in Tuscon, the Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme was the most redeemed taco.

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The pass costs just $10, though Taco Bell says the price may vary based on the pickup location you select. Assuming you manage to not miss a single day, that means each taco would be just 33 cents — significantly below the usual pricing.

As for how long you have to sign up, Taco Bell said that the pass will be around for an "extended limited time." Not that it adds a ton of additional clarity, but the brand also said that, during the test run, 20 percent of participants signed up for a second time, suggesting that the pass was available in Arizona for at least two months.

"There's no better way to kick off 2022, especially Taco Bell's 60th anniversary year, than by inviting our fans to enjoy our most iconic tacos every day for 30 days, all while underscoring our commitment to digital innovation and value," Zipporah Allen, Taco Bell's chief digital officer, stated. "Tacos are in our DNA, and we're thrilled to offer our most ordered menu item through the Taco Lover's Pass. It's a fun way to continue offering unique ways to reward our most loyal fans through our digital access points."

"[We are] thrilled with the positive reception the Taco Lover's Pass has received," Allen told the site Pymnts a month after last year's launch. The brand says that, back in September, 20 percent of the people who signed up for the subscription were new to the Taco Bell Rewards Program.

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