But only up to 10 guests and only for an hour.
Credit: Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

Is a ballroom too formal for your planned holiday shindig? This season, Taco Bell is offering fast food fans a more casual option for their big(-ish) event. Today, the chain has announced the launch of “Party by Taco Bell,” a program that will allow people to book small gatherings in select Taco Bell locations from November 24 to December 22.

“After introducing ‘Taco Bell Weddings’ in our Las Vegas Cantina and seeing the huge response – we have had 110 weddings booked there in just over a year – there was a clear need and opportunity to translate this intersection of fun, cool, and accessible entertaining to any kind of occasion,” Marisa Thalberg, Global Chief Brand Officer at Taco Bell Corp, explained in statement. “For the most devout Taco Bell fans to those who will just find this kitschy cool, we are about to make it easy to become the perfect postmodern party host.”

Of course, the devil is in the details, and the prospect of hosting a party at Taco Bell brings up plenty of questions. First, “select locations” currently only encompasses ten Taco Bells across eight states. For now, the service is available in individual restaurants in Ocoee, Florida; Flat Rock, Michigan; Rock Hill, South Carolina; Dallas, Texas; Dale City, Virginia; New York, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; and Newport Beach, Brea, and Bakersfield, California. (You can find exact addresses on the Taco Bell Party website.)

Second, sadly for anyone hoping to throw a massive Taco Bell blowout, customers won’t have the option to rent out an entire restaurant. Instead, this service only offers “VIP seating” for up to ten people – so not to rain on Taco Bell’s Party parade, but you’re basically reserving a handful of tables. And two additional restrictions: Reservations are only being taken on the “select weekends,” and all parties are only an hour long – though I don’t see any reason you couldn’t simply shift your celebration to another part of the restaurant after your 60 minutes are up.

Finally, pricing isn’t particularly cheap: Packages start at $25, which includes your choice of one of two designs on one table runner, ten paper plates, and a photo prop kit that features signs saying things like “This party is fire sauce” and “Squad assembled.” From there, you can choose from a variety of extras like a “Sauce Packet Balloon 3-Pack” ($16!) or an additional set of runner and plates ($12!) Taco Bell also explains that food is “not included, but a team member will help you order food once you’re here.”

Not to say that Party by Taco Bell isn’t a fun concept, but it’s not like finding room for up to 10 people at most Taco Bells is that incredibly difficult without a reservation. And 12 bucks for an extra set of plates seems a bit extravagant when half the beauty of Taco Bell is that all the food already comes equipped with a wrapper you can eat off of.

Still, Thalberg admitted the brand was trying to check the “kitschy” box, and this promotion certainly seems to accomplish that goal. Meanwhile, if you’d just like to have a kitschy event at home, Taco Bell also wants you to know you can order one of these Party Packs to be delivered to your door – no reservation necessary.