But they cost more now. 
taco bell nacho fries
Credit: Courtesy of Taco Bell

When it comes to pushing the envelope on limited-edition menu items, no other fast food restaurant tops Taco Bell. After all, these are the minds that brought us the fried-egg-as-taco-shell. But the most coveted limited-edition offerings are always accompanied by a twinge of disappointment — maybe it's so good you don't want to let it go, or, even worse, you didn’t get to try it in the first place. I imagine that’s how plenty of people felt when Taco Bell added nacho fries to the menu in January, only to take them away in March. Well, there’s finally some good news on the horizon: Taco Bell’s fries are back.

They make their triumphant return on July 12, and the fast food spot is planning to kick off the Summer of Nacho Fries in a big way: The chain will pay tribute to the 25th anniversary of the movie Demolition Man, which predicted that in the future, “all restaurants will be Taco Bell,” by recreating the Taco Bell from the film at San Diego Comic-Con from July 19 to 21.

Once again, the fries will only be available for a limited time — Taco Bell doesn’t specify how long exactly, but hopefully they'll stick around at least through the summer. And there's one more catch: While nacho fries were just one dollar when they debuted, this time around they'll be $1.29.

Once the fries are gone, there's still something to look forward to at Taco Bell: The chain is starting to sell alcohol to go with those Crunch Wrap Supremes, including its very own beer, called Beach Bell. And if you truly find yourself falling in love with seasoned fries and beer, guess what? For $600 you can actually get married in Taco Bell.