Taco Bell & Uber Eats Are Giving Away Nacho-Shaped Crystals to Help With Mercury Retrograde

Can an amethyst chip provide clarity the we need during these chaotic times?

Mercury has been in retrograde since September 27, which means that you've got an entire planet to blame for any minor misunderstandings, canceled flight connections, or broken iPhone screens that happen between now and next Sunday. Even the pragmatists at the Old Farmer's Almanac recommend remaining "flexible, patient, and understanding" during Mercury's final retrograde of the year, because of the potential for communication problems and all-around chaos during this time.

If being patient isn't your strong suit, then you can always just order Taco Bell and hope for the best. Your fave Quesarito spot has partnered with Uber Eats and Spencer Pratt — yes, the guy from The Hills — to help you cope with whatever Mercury can throw at you this month.

Taco Bell Nacho Crystal
Courtesy of Taco Bell x Uber Eats

From Thursday, October 7 through Saturday, October 9, you can get a free order of "Mercury RetroGrande Nachos" with a $12 minimum Taco Bell order through Uber Eats. And even if you aren't hungry enough to get the free nachos, you can still enter to win a Spencer Pratt-approved nacho-shaped amethyst crystal, which looks like it's been generously dunked into some gold-colored cheese.

"Mercury in retrograde is no joke and I do whatever I can to combat those bad vibes, from extra quality time with my hummingbirds to cleansing my crystal collection and more," Pratt said in a statement. "I've always been a Taco Bell superfan and was so pumped to team up with Uber Eats and Taco Bell to bring together my two favorite things, Crystals and Nachos."

Pratt isn't kidding about the crystal thing: he has his own online crystal retailer, Pratt Daddy, and once told People that he had spent at least $1 million on his own personal crystal collection.

Spencer Pratt with the Taco Bell Nacho Crystal and Nachos
Courtesy of Taco Bell x Uber Eats

As for the amethyst in Taco Bell's Mercury Retrogrande Nacho Crystal, some crystal insiders suggest that it can bring "important insights" even when you're at your most mentally scrambled. "During Mercury retrograde, it can give us clarity of mind and help us achieve that zen feeling that is otherwise hard to hold on to due to negativity," crystal retailer Cosmic Cuts explains. "Amethyst will help us gain clarity in a confusing situation and open our minds to new perspectives."

To try to score your own Nacho Crystal, visit NachoCrystal.com and enter your deets. No purchase is necessary to enter or win, and Taco Bell says that "thousands of winners" will be selected before 11:59 p.m. on October 9. After Mercury finishes wreaking havoc this month, it won't go into retrograde again until next January 14. That should give you — and that nacho-shaped amethyst — time to fix everything that went wrong this week.

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