Taco Bell Promises to Pay Some Managers as Much as $100,000

Currently, store managers can make as little as half of that.

The Fight for $15 campaign helped raise awareness about the struggles of low-wage fast food workers. But even higher-wage fast food jobs—like management positions—usually aren't that lucrative. Still, some chains have broken that mold. In 2018, In-N-Out confirmed reports that it pays managers around $160,000 per year. And now, Taco Bell says it will also begin piloting better managerial pay in 2020, boosting some employees' annual salary to $100,000.

As part of a larger five-point plan for new commitments in the New Year, Taco Bell announced, "Later this year, the brand will be testing a $100,000 annual salary for Restaurant General Managers of company-owned restaurants in select locations." According to Nation's Restaurant News, depending on where the raises occur, that could represent as much as a $50,000 bump for store managers who currently make between $50,000 and $80,000 depending on factors like location and experience. (The average pay for all fast food restaurant general managers is reportedly $55,341 per year according to the Chain Restaurant Total Rewards Association.)

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"We are still in the planning process and have not confirmed exact locations or number of RGMs (Restaurant General Managers)" who will be involved in the test, Ferril Onyett, senior director of global training and international human resources for Taco Bell, told NRN. So the specifics are a bit vague—but I'm guessing plenty of employees are already getting their hopes up.

Meanwhile, managers aren't the only ones Taco Bell is looking to keep happy this year. As part of a plan to "continue to invest in its people, building leaders at all levels," the company also explained, "For those who may not want to be in a manager role, the brand is introducing 'Makers,' a program for restaurant team members who want to elevate their passion for the brand and want leadership experience. Additionally, starting January 1, 2020, all nationwide company employees can become eligible to receive at least 24 hours of paid sick time per calendar year."

According to Taco Bell, the hope is that these initiatives will "enhance restaurant performance, employee satisfaction and support recruitment and retention"—all of which can be struggles in the quick service industry. And let's be honest, if you want to "live más," it helps to have more dinero in your pocket.

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