You'll soon be able to pick up your own supply at grocery stores nationwide. 
Taco Bell Tortilla Chips
Credit: Courtesy of Taco Bell

Tortilla chips are a staple of almost every Americanized Mexican meal. You probably can’t eat guacamole without them. A burrito just doesn’t taste the same without a side of tortilla chips. Taco Bell, which is infamous for continually reinventing its fast food take on Mexican food, from a taco with a fried egg shell to fries sprinkled with taco seasoning, is now putting its own spin on the tortilla chip—which you’ll soon be able to find at grocery stores.

Taco Bell’s new tortilla chips are inspired by its Fire and Mild hot sauce packets, plus there’s a Classic version for people who prefer a plain chip. Beginning in May, the bags of chips will be available not at Taco Bell outposts, but at your local grocery store. The bags for the Mild and Fire chips are also designed to look just like the hot sauce packets.

We got to sample the chips, and we’re here to tell you that Taco Bell nailed the traditional tortilla chip texture and flavor: The chips are crunchy and salty, and there’s a flavor profile here for every type of snacker.

The Fire flavor is a heavily seasoned red chip. It definitely has more of a kick than the other two, but shouldn’t scare off people who aren’t used to eating spicy foods. The level of spice is less potent than regular Tabasco sauce, and reminded me of Doritos' new Blaze chips.

The Mild flavor, on the other hand, has a cheesier flavor and isn’t in the least bit spicy. Both Mild and Fire are probably better for snacking than dipping, but the Classic flavor, which is simply a plain, salted tortilla chip, is perfect as a side for any Taco Bell menu item, or as a companion to salsa.

With a plethora of tortilla chips already on the market, Taco Bell has tough competition, but its foray into grocery store snacks isn’t a disappointment. It's comparable to most other tortilla chips you'll find in stores. If you like Taco Bell seasoning, you’ll be more than happy to have it in chip form now, too.