Or opt to go as a menu item like the Cheesy Gordita Crunch.


We're less than six weeks from Halloween, which means that you can't walk through the supermarket without seeing those ultra-tempting bags of Reese's Pumpkins, your neighbor has already arranged a half-dozen styrofoam tombstones beside her sidewalk, and you're starting to wonder whether you should just pick up another pair of plastic fangs and dress as a sparkly vampire for the 10th straight time.

Credit: Joshua Blanchard / Stringer/Getty Images

Look, we know it can be hard to decide what to be for Halloween and yes, we also know that we're all fully grown adults but sometimes it's nice to think about inconsequential stuff, like how many Eggo-carrying Elevens will be at your neighbor's party this year.

Even Taco Bell thinks we all need to step up our Halloween game, and it has just launched a collection of 10 different costumes based on its hot sauces and menu items. Four different sauce varieties—Hot, Fire, Diablo, and Verde Salsa—are all literally ready to wear, and each version is available as either a tunic or as a dress.

Taco Bell Halloween Costumes
Credit: Taco Bell

If sauces aren't your thing, there's also a sleeveless Cheesy Gordita Crunch costume, which will make you look like a half-unwrapped taco-filled flatbread, and the company even has a tiny tunic that can turn any baby between the ages of three and nine months into an adorable seven-layer burrito. Like our great aunt used to say, the family that dresses as fast food and condiments together, stays together.

Taco Bell Halloween Costumes
Credit: Taco Bell

Both styles of the sauce packet costume are going for $39.99, while the Cheesy Gordita Crunch Tunic is $44.99, roughly the cost of a dozen actual Cheesy Gordita Crunches. The tunics are One Size Fits All, and the dresses are available in Small/Medium, Medium/Large, and Large/Extra large sizes. (On the one hand, dropping $40 bucks to look like a Fire Sauce packet can seem kind of questionable. On the other, buying a dozen Fire Sauce packet dresses and saving them for your future bridesmaids to wear is an Edison Award-level innovation).

These ultra-seasonal offerings are just the latest additions to the Taco Bell Taco Shop's ever-changing inventory. Earlier this month, it dropped its Fall Collection, which includes logo hoodies and joggers, back-to-school stuff like notebooks and a USB-drive, and an $85 pair of DIFF X Taco Bell blue light glasses. (The Taco Bell Cravings scrunchie and hot tumbler have already sold out, because VSCO girls move fast.)

If you do decide to swoop one of these costumes, that's one Halloween-related problem solved. Two, if it means you don't have to take a set of plastic fangs out to eat.