The Warriors "stole" game three of the finals on the Cleveland Cavaliers' home turf. 
Credit: Courtesy of Taco Bell

Last night was game three of the NBA Finals, between the Cleveland Cavaliers—carried mostly by pizza chain investor LeBron James—and the Golden State Warriors, arguably one of the best NBA teams ever assembled. The Warriors were on the Cavaliers' turf, fighting to maintain their 2-0 lead—which they did by only eight points. Why am I telling you all this? Because the Warriors win means that everyone in America gets a free taco from Taco Bell.

This year, Taco Bell brought back its “steal a game, steal a taco” promotion. All that means is that the road team—in this case, the Warriors—have to win a game on the home team’s territory. That's exactly what the Warriors did, and now America gets rewarded with free food—and there’s no catch. Even if you’re not a Warriors fan, even if you’re rooting for the Cavaliers all the way, even if you’ve never watched a single second of basketball in your entire life, you get a free taco.

Here’s how it works: Since the Warriors stole one of the first three games, we get our free taco next week, on Thursday, June 13. All you have to do is show up to a participating location to snag a no-strings-attached Doritos Locos Taco. You only get one per person, though, and unfortunately, exceptions won’t be made for people who show up in their Steph Curry jerseys.

The Warriors have already won three games, meaning they just have to win one more game to take the championship. Of course, the Cavaliers could turn things around and win game four, but even if they did, the team would have to win every single one of the next three games. (And before you ask, no, there won't be another free taco promotion if the Cavs happen to win in Cali.) Sounds like a tough job for LeBron and company. Good luck to them—America’s only job is to eat a free taco, which sounds much easier.