In the form of a fake movie trailer. 
taco bell nacho fries
Credit: Courtesy of Taco Bell

Until very recently, Taco Bell stuck to a strict no-fries policy. The chain is, after all, hawking re-imagined Mexican (but highly Americanized) dishes like quesadillas, tacos (often sheathed in a Dorito shell), and burritos, as fast food. Fries were for all those boring burger chains, of which they are many, fighting amongst themselves for supremacy. But fries were the one thing that always seemed to be missing from an otherwise very delicious, and very tempting (when it comes to fast food, at least) menu. Taco Bell checks all the guilty-pleasure boxes: different types of cheesy carbs, sometimes with a couple tomatoes thrown in there for good measure—but if you’re craving fries, you’d just have to go elsewhere. No longer. The chain has relented. Later this month, they’ll be adding fries to the menu.

Taco Bell pulled off some wild stunts in 2017: It launched a clothing line with Forever 21, vowed to get booze on the menu, and created a dessert quesadilla with KitKat bars. The chain insisted on topping itself though, this time with a fake movie trailer starring Josh Duhamel that spoofs why it took so long for Taco Bell to get fries on the menu.

The trailer is in the style of a political thriller you might expect Hollywood to actually produce (staring, maybe, George Clooney) and depicts a vast conspiracy by burger chains and ketchup corporations to keep Taco Bell’s nacho fries away from the public. Duhamel gets close to the truth—too close—as he investigates the web of lies that has kept the public from knowing that fries covered in Mexican seasoning are delicious dipped in nacho cheese sauce—not just ketchup as we’ve always been told.

The stunt is a big, over the top, attention grabbing moment in anticipation of what is, in all fairness, actually a long-awaited move from the chain. Lately, there’s so much pressure for fast food brands to double as comedians, though, and this trailer, as silly and lighthearted as it is, is no exception to that current trend. But enough about the movie trailer for a minute. Here's the information you've been waiting for: You can try the new nacho fries from Taco Bell on January 25.