Taco Bell's Classic Enchirito Is Returning After Almost a Decade

Taco Bell says they received over 760,000 votes in the battle for a spot back on their menu.

In recent years, Taco Bell has put a lot of emphasis on what they don't have. Nacho fries came and went several times. The removal and return of the Mexican Pizza from menus caused so much drama Taco Bell literally turned it into a musical. And so, last month, the chain decided to put the fate of two discontinued items directly into the hands of fans, allowing people to vote on which product would rise from the dead: the Double Decker Taco or the Enchirito.

The polls were open from September 27 until October 6, and, late last week, Taco Bell announced the winner: the Enchirito.

The Enchirito truly is a classic, launched 52 years ago back in 1970 at a time when the then-nascent Tex-Mex chain was just eight years old. The concoction of a soft tortilla rolled up with seasoned beef, beans, and diced onions that is then slathered in red sauce and topped with melted cheddar cheese hasn't been on the menu in nearly a decade since it was removed in 2013. (Time flies when you're not eating Enchiritos!)

But thanks to its victory in this fan vote, Taco Bell says the Enchirito will be available on menus for a limited time from November 17 through November 30 at locations nationwide.

Taco Bell enchirito
Taco Bell

Yes, all this coming and going of menu items feels a bit gimmicky, but according to Taco Bell's own numbers, the gimmick appears to be working. Only members of the free Taco Bell Rewards program were able to participate, but the chain says they still received over 760,000 votes during the ten-day voting period. Sure, people could vote up to once a day, but a solid-sounding turnout nonetheless.

Taco Bell says that, at first, the race was looking too close to call, but in the end, the Enchirito won with a solid majority: 62 percent of the vote compared to the Double Decker Taco's 38 percent.

But if we've learned anything recently, it's that we can't entirely count the Double Decker Taco out. Taco Bell know its fans really want what they can't have.

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