Taco Bell Is Launching a Digital Taco Gifting Platform

The first 10,000 people to use “Taco Gifter” can send someone a taco for free.

Why say it with flowers when you can say it with a taco? And all at the touch of a button from your smartphone, no less? In honor of National Taco Day—October 4—Taco Bell is making birthdays, anniversaries, or just saying “I’m thinking of you” easier with a new “taco e-gifting service” called—why not—“Taco Gifter.”

Taco Bell Gifting Platform
Taco Bell

“For years, Taco Bell has been a part of our fans’ milestone moments—from proposals and weddings to graduations and proms—and we’re excited to introduce a fun and convenient service to help celebrate any occasion in between,” Nikki Lawson, the company’s chief global brand officer, said. “As we continue to innovate and identify new ways to deliver engaging brand experiences with consumers, our focus on our digital infrastructure has allowed us to surprise and delight fans with unexpected offerings. We’re excited to keep exceeding expectations.”

So how’s Taco Gifter work? The service is available through both the brand’s app (in the menu section) or website (at “/gifter”), and though it’s launching this Sunday, Taco Bell says it will remain as a “permanent addition”—meaning you may never have to buy an actual baby shower gift again for the rest of your life.

Taco Bell Gifting Platform
Taco Bell

Once on the platform, Taco Bell explains, “Users select a gif, enter the recipient’s name, add a personal message, checkout and then send a unique URL to their taco-loving friend via text, email, DM or any other form of communication.” Your gift—which can be used at participating location anywhere in the U.S.—is delivered as a $2 eGift Card redeemable via a Taco Bell online order for pickup. A $0.35 transaction fee is also applied, but Taco Bell tries to make the cost worth the expense: “Filled with a variety of gifs, fans will be able to spice up their gift with a gif fitting for any holiday, smalliday and everything in between,” the brand explains.

And here’s another reason to give it a try: Taco Bell will also have a special promotion to encourage people to use Taco Gifter on its launch day. The chain says that the first 10,000 people who sign up will be able to send a taco totally free; simply check out Taco Bell’s Twitter page for more details.

And beyond free food, to make your gift that much more special, Taco Bell explains that they are “also making unwrapping deliciousness extra special with a seasonal gift wrap that will adorn all Taco Bell crunchy tacos for a limited time and while supplies last.” Because, hey, even though you might not have to put a ton of effort into this gift, Taco Bell wants to go the extra mile!

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