Taco Bell Is Releasing Its Own Beer

Beach Bell, a Mexican-style amber lager, is the taco chain's first ever branded brew.

taco bell new cantina and beer
Photo: Courtesy of Taco Bell

In retrospect, it should have seemed inevitable. When Taco Bell announced earlier this year that the chain would be opening hundreds more of its alcohol-serving "cantina" locations, sure, one of them would probably eventually serve its own Taco Bell beer. And yet, now that the announcement has come, it still feels as shocking as a McDonald's-branded whiskey or a Jack in the Box-branded wine. But it's true: For the first time ever, Taco Bell will be selling its own officially branded Taco Bell beer.

Beach Bell, a Mexican-style amber lager, will go on sale this Friday exclusively at the chain's newest cantina location opening in Newport Beach, California. The branded brew was created in collaboration with nearby Four Sons Brewing in Huntington Beach, apparently with input from "Taco Bell's culinary chefs," as the fast food brand states.

But what does it taste like? The chain wrote that the beer is "made with a unique flavor profile to enhance and compliment Taco Bell's food and flavors. The light, crisp, and refreshing beer has a smooth and robust taste with a clean finish that makes it the perfect beverage to pair with a Taco Bell meal." Hey, it's Taco Bell's first time having to tackle beer tasting notes so we'll let them slide.

For those looking to brag that they've tried the world's only official Taco Bell beer, you may want to act fast. The company says the beer will only be available for a limited time—meaning this might just be a grand opening promotion for the new location. Though now that the brand has dipped its toe into beer (not literally), future Taco Bell brews would seem as inevitable as this one was. Maybe one day we can even get an entire Taco Bell food and beer pairing menu! What goes with a Meximelt?

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