The rumors are true.
taco bell nacho fries
Credit: Courtesy of Taco Bell

If you love Taco Bell, you are probably already well aware that it's the fast food chain that comes closest to crave-able perfection—no burgers, just cheesy, tortilla-wrapped goodness. But something always seemed to be missing from the menu, that one item that is a crucial element in the fast food meal, that gives it the satisfying, salty, crunch you’re looking for when you’re indulging in dinner at your favorite chain. That item is, of course, fries. Taco Bell has never had them on the menu, instead offering the more fitting chips and nacho cheese to go along with its burritos and tacos. That’s all about the change though: Starting January 25, Taco Bell will launch its so-called Nacho Fries at locations nationwide—and they’ll only cost $1.

According to a statement from the company, the fries are flavored with “bold Mexican seasoning,” and will be served with a side of “warm Nacho Cheese.” In December, Taco Bell announced a major upgrade to its dollar menu: The chain will be adding 20 new items to it over the course of this year. The first of those items—the Nacho Fries—is quite the welcome surprise, which sends a clear message for fast food fanatics: Keep your eye on the dollar menu in 2018 because Taco Bell is going to be adding some exciting items to it.

Taco Bell has been all about taking risks and upgrading its image in the past couple months: Remember that fashion line the chain released with Forever21? Or the quesadilla it launched in Wisconsin that was made with KitKat bars? No doubt the Nacho Fries will inspire just as much of a frenzy (the fashion line, for one thing, is mostly sold out except for a couple fiery bodysuits) but remember one thing: Just because Taco Bell is now your one-stop shop for all things fast food related doesn’t mean you can live exclusively on Crunch Wrap Supremes (not forever at least).