Pride of the Portuguese
The best Portuguese farmhouse cheeses have been unavailable in the States--until recently. Sini Fulvi now imports Azeitao, Ribafria and Évora, made from goat's or sheep's milk ($16 to $24 per pound; 888-930-8693).

Book News
Kitchen Gardens of France by Louisa Jones peeks behind stone walls (Thames and Hudson; $30).
My Brother's Farm by Doug Jones tells a charming agrarian success story (Putnam; $20).
The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen by Grace Young visits a food-obsessed family (Simon & Schuster; $27.50).

Egghead alert: Italian manufacturer Zannuzi is selling an egg-shaped refrigerator called Oz throughout Europe, and Rowenta's rounded Café Forma coffeemaker is making its American debut. Meanwhile, Michael Graves's ovoid products--more than 150 in all, including toasters and hand mixers--continue their rollout at Target stores across the country.

When Life Gives You Lemon Grass
Shrimp dumplings may not come to mind when you're pondering food choices in New Orleans. But chef Minh Bui's Lemon Grass Café is such a hit that he's opening a second place, Lemon Grass Restaurant,in the French Quarter (504-488-8335).

Weir Here
Joanne Weir, a San Francisco-based chef, has won awards for her cooking classes. With her first Public Television series, Weir Cooking in the Wine Country, she'll be teaching on a grander scale. (Check local listings for times.)

Glass Works
Eric Roush, a thirtysomething surfer in Venice Beach, California, has been taking breaks from the waves to craft tableware for Rosenthal USA. He creates his Elements Collection with a technique that allows him to meld sheets of colored glass into such pieces as this colorful free-form bowl ($295; 800-804-8070).