By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 10, 2015
EW4E7J Promotional bottles of Tabasco chili pepper sauce - USA
© B Christopher / Alamy
| Credit: B Christopher / Alamy

Today is a historic day for lovers of Tabasco sauce. This morning, the brand opened its own Tabasco-centric restaurant—called 1868—at their headquarters in Avery Island, Louisiana.

Named after the year Tabasco sauce was first introduced, the restaurant will start off featuring Cajun-style cuisine highlighting different Tabasco varieties—items like red beans and sausage, Cajun crawfish nachos and raspberry-chipotle ice cream. Eventually, however,The Advertiser reports that 1868’s menu “will expand to include international options to encourage international tourists to use Tabasco in everyday meals back home.” Does that mean Tabasco beef Stroganoff and Tabasco rogan josh could be in our future?

1868 is part of a larger effort to bring people back to Avery Island. In a few months, the company plans to open a Tabasco museum and offer greatly expanded tours of everything Tabasco, including access to different pepper growing stages and the production facilities.

For now, the restaurant will have to suffice. It’s open daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hopefully visitors don’t mind getting their day off to a spicy start. Though if you’re not prepared to eat one of 1868’s seven-spice chili dogs before noon, you probably don’t deserve to go to Avery Island to begin with.