Electronic pop duo Sylvan Esso’s “PARAD(w/m)E” music video is a tribute to the one thing that can still unite us at the end of the world.
sylvia esso video eating way through the end of the world
Credit: Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

What will you be doing when the world ends? If all goes according to electronic pop band Sylvan Esso’s latest video, you’ll be happily parading through the streets as you scavenge for food.

The Durham, North Carolina musical duo was formed back in 2013 and consists of singer Amelia Meath and producer Nick Sanborn. Despite being relatively young, the two’s light, addictive sound has already garnered them a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album. In the band’s music video for their playfully bubbly single “PARAD(w/m)E,” you'll see why. Unlike their other, more somber food adventure, “Coffee,” this song is a high energy, upbeat traverse through a post-apocalyptic landscape where everything from gas stations to ocean tides have vanished.

While the song is about the end of the world, apocalyptic bleakness is hard to find. As Meath cheerly proclaims that, “There’s nothing left to ruin, yeah we finally got free,” you see her and a group of apocalyptic wanderers skip cross the desert, dancing on their journey to... what exactly? As the video reveals, the group is in search of food and their dusty parade lands them right in a seemingly abandoned town.

After Meath melodically asks, “Maybe there’s some food up there?” they all dance their way into an empty convenience store. And that’s when the post-apocalyptic party really starts. As members of the group tear through the shelves, busting open drinks and engaging in a spirited food fight, Meath casually tosses snacks in the air as the camera spins around her. This is all before a food fight breaks out and the scavengers momentarily still for an artistic portrait shot of the group showing off their new ring pops, cheese puffs spilling through the air.

The party does eventually come to an end after a ranger of sorts shoots them out of town. But no one can say they didn’t have a good time. Plus, they managed to make off with a bunch of food tucked under their arms. “PARAD(w/m)E” has all the things we love about musical food celebrations, and if the concept of dancing your way through the apocalypse appeals to you, Sylvan Esso’s new video will definitely hit the sweet spot.