Swiss Miss Launches a Sweater with a Hot Cocoa Pocket

It might be ugly, but it’s also practical!

The recent rise of online merch stores means nearly every food and beverage brand seems to be selling clothing. And that's fine. Whether it's a little horse or a beer logo, wearing the brands you love sometimes literally on your sleeve has been around for generations. However, many of these modern items aren't particularly organic – as in their reasons for existing can be primarily ironic. Is a Cheetos onesie fun? Sure. But does combining a snack notorious for getting cheese dust everywhere with a garment you'd consider wearing to sleep make any sense? No.

Enter Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa – which today announced the release of new ugly sweaters for the holiday season. Does offering branded ugly sweaters set Swiss Miss apart from the crowd? Not at all. But the cocoa brand does score points because these new sweaters are functional in not one, but two ways.

Swiss Miss Ugly Sweater
Courtesy of Swiss Miss

First, hot cocoa is a drink most people consume when it's cold: Thus, a Swiss Miss sweater to keep you cozy is actually a logical fashion choice. (Don't tell the designers in Milan.) Plus, beyond having an inherent connection to their product, Swiss Miss offers up one other fitting addition: These sweaters include a built-in insulated and zippered pocket at the midriff for, as the brand explains, "carrying around your favorite Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa flavor in a thermos or hoarding Swiss Miss packets."

"The Swiss Miss 'Ugly' Sweater is the must-have look this holiday season," Audrey Ingersoll, brand director for Swiss Miss, explained. "It is guaranteed to be a hit for the hot cocoa-obsessed at any holiday party."

Now, granted, even this kind of pocket isn't a new idea. But unlike 2019 when Red Lobster offered an ugly Christmas sweater with a built-in pocket for Cheddar Bay Biscuits, at least Swiss Miss's take can be discussed without tongue planted firmly in cheek: A sweater with a hot cocoa pocket is practically a good idea. In fact, if anything, in this era of purposely bizarre stuff, these Swiss Miss ugly sweaters may be too pragmatic.

Still, if you're the level-headed type, you can grab one from now until December 31 (while supplies last) for $44.95 exclusively at Thermoses and hot cocoa sold separately.

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