Sweethearts and Crocs Made Fuzzy Conversation Hearts Clogs for Valentine's Day

Croc fans will have to enter a drawing for the chance to buy a pair.

The Sweethearts x Crocs Adult Classic Fur Sure Clog
Photo: Courtesy of Crocs

On Valentine's Day, different people show affection in different ways. Maybe it's flowers. Maybe it's candy. Maybe you cook your loved one a delicious Valentine's Day meal. But for diehard clog fans, the best gift for February 14, 2022, has already been decided: a pair of fuzzy Crocs made in collaboration with Sweethearts candies.

The new partnership brings together two brands that, on first blush, sound like an odd match but make sense in Crocs fashion context. The star of the show is a limited-edition Classic Fur Sure Clog: It's bright red, it's fuzzy, and it comes with oversized plush Sweethearts "Jibbitz" — aka the charms that you can buy to accessorize your Crocs by attaching them in the holes.

"Love goes with every look in the limited-edition Sweethearts x Crocs Collection," Crocs writes. "Each pair of clogs is loaded with sweet details and decals like the iconic candy hearts messages, bright and bold colors, and, of course, extra space for your own personalization." The footwear even has the Sweethearts logo written on the heel to hammer home the cross-promotion.

Apparently, a clog like this will be a hot commodity, and so interested parties can't just throw down the $84.99 required to buy them. Instead, from today until February 4, you have to enter a random drawing that will determine who can purchase these Crocs. The company said they are unable to disclose exactly how many pairs will be available, but those selected will be notified within 12 hours of the drawing.

If you're not able to score the shoes, all is not lost: Crocs and Sweethearts have also collaborated on two sets of Sweethearts Jibbitz. For $16.99, you can grab a five-pack featuring four candy-like Jibbitz (with the messages "Be mine," "Cutie pie," "My hero," and "I [heart] Crocs") along with a large Sweethearts logo Jibbitz. Or for $19.99, there's the "Elevated Sweethearts 5 Pack" featuring sparkly takes on the Sweetheart candy look. From there, all you need is some shoes to stick your Jibbitz onto.

The entire collaboration and drawing signup can be found on Croc's website.

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