Sweethearts Candies Have New Sayings Inspired by Love Song Lyrics This Year

Look out for candy hearts bearing lines like "LOVE SHAK" and "SUGAR SUGAR" this Valentine's Day.

It's been a tumultuous few years for Sweethearts Candies. When their original producer, Necco, went under in 2018, the fate of the ubiquitous Valentine's Day conversation hearts was up in the air. Spangler Candy Company snapped up the brand, but they needed a couple years to ramp up production to full capacity. But good news for 2021: Not only is everything back to normal in the Sweethearts world, but Spangler has even introduced an innovation — new sayings inspired by classic love songs! Oh, Spangler, you shouldn't have!

Conversation Hearts

Alongside the usual sayings like "BE MINE", "HUG ME," and "CUTIE PIE," Spangler announced today that 2021 will see the introduction of new sayings inspired by 21 songs "spanning the last seven decades from 1950s classics to instantly recognizable, present day hits."

Here's the full list (and don't worry, there's no vaguely inappropriate "34+35" heart):

"1000 YEARS"
"10000 HOURS"

The brand suggests that the range of songs serve as a tribute to the many generations of fans who have had Sweethearts since they were created in 1902 — but, if you ask me, they also make for a great trivia game: Can you name which song and artist inspired each one? (And if so, maybe put a Spotify playlist together for me?)

"There have been hundreds of sayings featured on Sweethearts Candies over the years, but after a year unlike any other, we knew we wanted to add a high note to the season," Diana Eschhofen, Spangler Candy's director of corporate communications, stated with a pun. "Opening or exchanging a box of Sweethearts uniquely encourages connection in a way that sparks feelings of cheer, happiness and nostalgia. With this in mind, we came up with the idea to create sayings inspired by our favorite heart-themed songs over the decades, because what better way to bring a smile to someone's face than being reminded of a melody."

Eschhofen also added that, whether you noticed or not, annual additions of new sayings have always been part of the Sweethearts ethos. "It's been a beloved tradition in Sweethearts Candies history to bring new and exciting sayings to consumers each year," she explained. "As the new owner of this classic brand, we're committed — and excited — to continue this moving forward."

Spangler says that Sweethearts are available for purchase nationwide in single boxes or in five-count packs, and despite the ownership change, are still sold in the original Sweethearts Candies colors and flavors including Wintergreen, Orange, Lemon, Blue Raspberry, Banana, Grape, and Cherry.

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