I’ve never been one for snacking on chips, pretzels or popcorn. So I was completely surprised when I couldn’t stop grabbing kettle corn at a friend’s house the other night. I had dropped by for pre-dinner drinks with every intention of having a glass of wine and avoiding all snacks, since I was headed to a restaurant I’d been dying to try. I don’t know what made me reach for the bowl in the first place but the salty, sweet balance of the kettle corn kept my hand scooping up more. My friend’s boyfriend, noticing that I had nearly emptied the bowl, mentioned that I was eating the official kettle corn of the Minnesota Vikings. His best friend from back home in Minnesota makes each batch by hand. Where could I get some other than a Vikings game?

It will be available online soon. In the meantime he said he’d have his friend send me a a freshly made bag. A few days later nearly a dozen bags of Angie’s Kettle Corn arrived at the F&W office. I put one out for our staff to try. Comments included: “Absolutely addictive.” “A nice sweet start with a salty finish.” “Plump kernels.” Airy, buttery and incredibly light.” The eleven other bags that I put out on our office give-away table vanished within five minutes. With no cholesterol or trans fats and only 140 calories per serving (a generous 2 cups), Angie’s may be my new snack for next NFL season.