By Clara Olshansky
Updated August 20, 2015
© Joseph Marr

Australian multimedia artist Joseph Marr sculpted a raspberry-flavored model of a human skull for a weeklong art exhibition affiliated with Celebrabis Vitae (Celebrate Life), a campaign to benefit organ donation. The exhibition was organized by the Skull Appreciation Society, which is apparently a thing, in conjunction with Live Life Give Life, a charity that raises awareness about all things organ donation.

It's not Marr's only sugary skull. The series of skull sculptures, entitled Rebirth, features a variety of skulls in different sugar flavors and colors. There's a strawberry skull, a passion fruit skull and even one made out of cola. The work is quite a technical feat: It's incredibly difficult to keep sugar at a workable temperature, so Marr needs to realize all his pieces incredibly quickly. But his use of sugar as a medium is more than just a bit of artistic showmanship: Rebirth compares our short-term cravings to our inevitable death. Says Marr of his work, "We are spending our lives trying to get get get, and have have have… but what for? All this time we could have been enjoying ourselves with much less worry."

This morbidly sweet exploration of desire extends beyond the skull motif. Marr believes in the universality of his images; as he says of his medium, "Sugar itself has so much to it, its a sensual thing we suck on like a drug each day, its an energy source, its a life source in everything."

Marr has also created (NSFW) licorice embodiments of vanity, soft drink representations of lust and candy critiques of sexual politics.

Follow Marr on Facebook, read about this year's organ donor campaign at Live Life Give Life and check out this sample of his work: