Dr. Steve Brule Is Getting His Own 'Sweet Berry Wine'

John C. Reilly's breakout 'Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!' character will finally have the drink he deserves.

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Photo: Courtesy of Jill Bernheimer / @domaineLA Instagram

If you've seen Academy Award-nominated actor John C. Reilly wandering about with a mop of curls, glasses askew, and a confused look on his face, don't worry—he's not drunk, he's just in character. The sweet-natured, doddering Dr. Steve Brule is Reilly's character that began as a local news station's resident health expert on the Adult Swim sketch series Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, from visual comedy visionaries Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. The show employed many famous actors in bit parts, but Reilly's Brule stole the show with his combination of casual confidence and occasional indifference to the facts. Now, Dr. Steve Brule is getting his own wine based on a moment in a season two episode in which the good doctor is supposed to explain the differences between varietals of wine to the married Channel 5 News team of Jan and Wayne Skylar. In this case, Brule (and perhaps Reilly, too) was drunk.

Brule, who often did not actually go on location for his "remote" stories, instead opting for a green screen in the same studio as the Skylars, is caught having already started drinking (way too much of) the provided wine, admitting he was supposed to spit it out for tasting purposes, but "no way, José. This stuff tastes like fruit!" Near the end of the segment, Brule raises a glass to his new favorite beverage, proclaiming "Sweet berry wine!" before stumbling off the set.

And that is exactly what Wareheim's new wine venture, Las Jaras Wines, is giving Brule fans and wine lovers alike: Sweet Berry Wine, complete with a wine-stain illustration of Dr. Steve Brule on the label. Wareheim teased the release on his Instagram, saying it would be a limited run of 225 cases, and the wine itself is a "2016 old vines Carignan from Mendocino."

The Dr. Steve Brule character was so popular, Reilly, Wareheim, and Heidecker (along with producer Bob Odenkirk of Better Call Saul) spun him off into his own Adult Swim series, Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule. The magazine-style news show had Brule interacting with experts and exploring the world around him, including a memorable diner experience in which Brule shares his secret to cooling down hot pasta: pour milk on it. Another episode had Brule interacting with a sushi chef and mistaking a dollop of wasabi for guacamole, which he gobbled up too quickly.

Sweet Berry Wine will be part of the launch the online ordering for Las Jaras Wines on the company's website this Friday.

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