By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 08, 2015
Courtesy of Nya Gul & Blå

If your favorite pizza topping is all of them, then Swedish pizzeria Nya Gul & Blå has the pizza for you. Located in Piteå, Northern Sweden, Nya Gul & Blå brings us the Vulcan pizza, a monster contraption of dough crust, sides, and toppings that makes you wonder when a pizza stops reasonably being called a pizza.

The Vulkan is a ring of pizza dough in a six-pointed starburst formation, creating six pockets that each function as a mini pizza with its own topping: pepperoni, diced steak, bacon, among others. In the center of the ring sits a heaping stack of French fries, dipping sauces, peppers, cucumber, onion, tomato, and lettuce. We wonder if the lettuce, tomato and cucumbers is a weak attempt to balance the carb/fat/meat overload.

Nya Gul & Blå's original Facebook picture of the pizza already has over 13,300 likes and 3,300 shares. The pizza is also a Twitter hit and an Instagram sensation, with hundreds of users sharing their custom iterations of this pizza monster.

For 120 Swedish Kronor, which comes out to about $14, the pizza is a lot of bang for your buck, since almost impossible for one man to get through. A reporter for Swedish news site Aftonbladet found that, if the reporter hadn't had press clearance, the hungry, eager crowds at Nya Gul & Blå might have made it impossible to ever order. It took the reporter forty-five minutes to finish the pizza, unwillingly, at the urging of Aftonbladet editors and photographers.

Nya Gul & Blå doesn't deliver, and with the demand they're facing, they don't need to. For now, it's almost enough just to know that the Vulcan pizza is a thing that exists in the world.