Oreo, cookie, swedish fish
Credit: © OREO

Just when you thought Oreo had run out of new flavors to release, Nabisco has proven that coming up with new flavor ideas is as easy as shooting fish in a barrel… Swedish Fish, that is. And they are especially easy to shoot in a barrel because, you know, they don’t really swim around.

Sure, Oreo has been on an epic run of releasing new flavors over the past few years. In 2016 alone, the brand has released new Cinnamon Bun, Filled Cupcake, Blueberry Pie and Fruity Crisp versions of their classic sandwich cookies. Even great artists like Picasso, The Rolling Stones and Michael Bay have struggled to keep creative streaks going that long. But Swedish Fish? Swedish Fish isn’t a creamy filling. It’s a gummy fishy thing. Honestly, I could never wrap my head around Swedish Fish to begin with which makes mashing them up with something else that much more perplexing.

Alas, Nabisco who makes Oreos is owned by Mondelez International, and, in the US, Swedish Fish are also made by Mondelez International – making this whole thing feel about as organic as the time Steve Urkel visited Full House. Though to be fair, combing the all-American Oreo with the very Swedish Swedish Fish does make Mondelez International feel especially international.

So what do these latest Oreo incarnations taste like? Sadly, I have not received a sample yet—so we’ll have to rely on the opinion of online reviewers. Dan at The Impulsive Buy described them thusly: “The texture’s weird, the flavor’s medicinal, and the smell would scare a coyote. But for those rare one percent who are eternal kids-at-heart and want to scratch a doozy off their ‘Culinary Adventure Bucket List,’ then oh boy, does Nabisco have an Oreo for you.” Meanwhile, this friendly couple on YouTube agreed that, though they weren’t amazing, “they did accurately capture a Swedish Fish flavor.”

Reportedly, these bizarre Oreos, which were just released this week, are a Kroger exclusive. So if you live near a Kroger, you can pick up a pack of 20 cookies for $2.99. If you don’t live near a Kroger, might I suggest buying a bag or Oreos, a box of Swedish Fish, throwing them both in the blender with some vanilla ice cream and a bottle’s worth of rum and throwing yourself a real party.