By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated October 19, 2015
Courtesy of Phoodster AB

Many websites and apps have popped up in recent years to streamline the cooking process, telling you what recipes you can make with what's already in your fridge. But what about folks who can't afford to put anything in the fridge to begin with? That's where Phoodster MVP comes in. The Sweden-based app allows anyone on a budget to get personalized recommendations of recipes featuring whatever is on sale at the supermarket that week.

The cross-referenced technology combines preferences like food allergies and dietary restrictions with information from the regularly updated circulars of over 1,000 Swedish grocery stores. Users can completely customize the app to include their favorite stores and items, and receive recommendations from over 50,000 recipes that will not only suit their tastes, but their wallets as well.

Of course, if Swedish supermarkets are anything like America’s, then the recipes will all be made primarily from Sunny D, off-brand ice cream and ten-for-a-dolllar Top Ramen. While the usefulness of the app is appealing, I can't see this flying in the States until they add necessary upgrades of (1) delivering said groceries to my door for me, (2) providing someone to cook the food for me and (3) basically doing everything but putting the food in my mouth for me. Oh wait, that's called Seamless.