Brioche with Prosciutto, Gruyère and Egg

Brioche with Prosciutto, Gruyère and Egg. Photo © Johnny Miller

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of F&W’s Best New Chef awards, one of our biggest stars shares one of her most requested recipes.

A.O.C., Suzanne Goin’s beloved Los Angeles wine bar, serves dishes that are meant to be shared. An exception is her big, buttery open-face sandwich of brioche covered with melted Gruyère and piled high with lemony greens and prosciutto; a sunny-side-up egg is draped on top. “This is the dish everyone hoards,” says Goin. “We serve it with a big steak knife, but it gets sloppy to share. Or that’s what people say, anyway, so it can be all theirs.” The recipe—which Goin calls the love child of a frisée salad and a croque-monsieur—has been on the menu at A.O.C. since opening day in December 2002. “People post on my Facebook page about it,” she says. The brioche is key. In fact, at A.O.C.’s new location, there’s a wood-burning oven so Goin can continue hand-making the loaves. SEE RECIPE »

A.O.C. (new location): 8700 W. Third St., Los Angeles;; 310-859-9859.