The upcoming Switch game turns colorful conveyor belt sushi into a weapon.
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Credit: Courtesy of Nintendo

Sometimes eating sushi is about simplicity and editing—a perfectly curated omakase is hard to top. And sometimes, you just want to eat all the spicy tuna and yellowtail you can get your mitts on. For the latter, conveyor belt sushi restaurants and the perfect opportunity to indulge and explore flavors. But Nintendo is challenging you to eat more than your fill of sushi with a new game that turns your endless appetite for toro and tamago into artillery.

The premise of Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido is that sushi has been outlawed (truly dystopian!) and is now controlled by an evil Empire. To bring the delicious delicacy back to the world, you must battle against Imperial baddies from foot soldiers to menacing bosses. Your weapon? Sushi. Or, rather, sushi plates. When entering a head-to-head battle you link and collect adjacent same-colored plates from conveyor belts, eating the sushi and building up an arsenal of weaponized dishes to throw at your opponent. The bigger the stack you collect, the harder the hit.

I got to try out the new game in advance at a Nintendo even held, fittingly, at New York City's conveyor belt sushi joint Yo! Sushi earlier this week. The gameplay is fast, fun, and relatively easy to pick up. Fittingly, the entire theme of the game's artwork is akin to a Saturday morning anime cartoon show. Frequent cut scenes and animations provide narrative and humor, making the game's story pretty engaging despite its arcade-style action.

But there are more layers to add to this seemingly simple concept. To assist you in your battles, you can collect little helpers known as Sushi Sprites who each hold different powers (like electrifying your plates or turning all of the conveyor belt plates on color) and can even evolve as you continue to play. There's also an online multiplayer mode, which means you can battle friends or strangers around the world to a sushi battle royale.

Watch the trailer below: