By Mike Pomranz
Updated February 11, 2015
Credit: © Farrah Shaikh

As if snow globes aren't a strange concept—they're essentially glorified paper weights that with every shake leave you thinking: The physical properties of how fake snow floats in water excites me!

Well, a Japanese artist decided to take that absurdity to the next level, designing sushi snow globes. Eri Nami took surprisingly realistic-looking pieces of fake sushi and stuffed them into a water-filled glass bubble with glitter. A casual flick of the wrist, and the glitter flies everywhere—like throwing your uncooked fish its own confetti party.

According to Rocket News 24, these ridiculous snow globes can be yours for just $17 (plus some even more ridiculously expensive shipping).

Just imagine having one in your living room. It’s the kind of thing you can enjoy playing with for literally seconds and seconds on end! And your friends will come over and be like, “What is that?” and you’ll excitedly say, “A sushi snow globe!” Sushi might go bad quickly, but this sushi snow globe will be with you forever.