A Japanese toy company is coming out with the most amusing way to enjoy your dinner.

Sushi Ferris Wheel
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

As anyone who has ever been to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant can attest to, sushi is so much more exciting when it’s traveling around in circles. With that in mind, for years, Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy has made small sushi trains to bring the sushi-go-round experience home. But this July, the brand is set to unleash was appears to be a unique first: a sushi Ferris wheel.

Called the “Sky Party Sushi Big Ferris Wheel” (at least according to one translation), this battery-powered six-carriage wheel – which is small enough to fit on your tabletop but large enough (20 inches tall) to leave your dinner party guests thinking you’ve lost your mind – takes your raw fish on a vertically-spinning ride until you’re ready to indulge in the pieces of your choosing. Then, at the flick of a lever, your sushi plate is fired out of the wheel and down an attached roller coaster track, sending your dish gliding down to the table.

To give the product a bit more cultural gravitas, this Ferris wheel isn’t just any old design; it’s actually modelled after a ride found at the Fuji-Q Highland, the largest amusement park in Japan, located near the base of Mount Fuji. And as an added bonus, the crazy contraption comes with a rice-shaping tool to help you make your own sushi at home – because not just any sushi deserves to go on a Ferris wheel ride.

As should probably be expected, purchasing an amusement park ride specifically for your sushi is a bit of a luxury. The Sky Party Sushi Big Ferris Wheel has a suggested retail price of 9980 yen or about $90. But then again, can you really put a price on your sushi’s happiness? And by having this amusement park set up at home, just think how much money you’ll save by not having to buy overpriced cotton candy. It practically pays for itself.