Credit: ©Sam Murphy / @sobeautifullyraw

What do you get when you combine one of the most American foods ever with a staple of Japanese cuisine? A sushi doughnut. This gorgeous creation may bear the familiar shape of your average doughnut, but, content-wise, it's sushi through and through. Whether it's black sesame, cashew mayo, ginger, wasabi, and avocado; radish, cashew, and nori; or some combination of your choosing, these beautiful doughnut just may become your new favorite way to consume sushi.

The sushi doughnut was invented by the Insta-famous, Melbourne-based, vegan cook @sobeautifullyraw. She's kind of an expert in this sort of thing: her previous sushi-reshaping creations have included sushi pizzas, deconstructed sushi bowls, sushi burgers, and, most colorfully, rainbow sushi salad jars. She also has some experience in the doughnut department, as the original creator of the #galaxydoughnut, which blew up on Instagram. But Sam of sobeautifullyraw doesn't just post her photos to show off—she includes recipes and how-tos on all her creations!

For the sushi doughnut, all you have to do is grease a doughnut mold with coconut oil, pack in cold sushi rice, remove, and decorate with your favorite sushi toppings. Sam has inspired other Instagram users to try their hands at the sushi doughnut with results just as beautiful as the original.