By Lauren Haslett
Updated June 25, 2015
Credit: © Ethan Covey /

Burritos and sushi—individually we love them both. But together they sound like something out of a state fair food nightmare. At least that’s what we thought until we saw the latest offering from New York’s Uma Temakaria, whose new sushi burritos look downright delicious.

Uma Temakaria gets its name from the word “temaki”—the Japanese name for the cone-shaped sushi hand rolls generating lots of buzz for the Chelsea sushi spot headed up by Eleven Madison Park alum Chris Jaeckle. The sushi burritos offer a slight twist on Temakaria’s namesake dish. Essentially giant, uncut maki rolls, they resemble their Mexican counterparts, but swap the tortilla for a thin piece of nori.

Diners can choose between white rice or brown, Alaskan salmon or yellowfin tuna, to customize their burritos, as well as from an array of toppings—cucumbers, carrots, spicy mayo, sesame seeds and tempura flakes are all options. And, of course, you can easily eat it all on the go. Seriously smart.