Surge Is Back in Soda Fountain Form Exclusively at Burger King

But only at locations with those high-tech Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

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Discontinued sodas always seem to inspire a cult following – groups of people patiently waiting for the day their beloved beverage will return. Recently, many have had their dream come true. From Clearly Canadian to Crystal Pepsi, plenty of nostalgia-driven sodas have made comebacks in the past few years. But one of the most anticipated revivals was the Coca-Cola-produced Mountain Dew-ish knockoff, Surge, which has come and gone a number of times since 2014. And now Surge lovers can get their craving in a new form: The brand has landed in soda fountains exclusively at Burger King.

The beloved ‘90s soda announced that it would be returning exclusively to any Burger King locations nationwide that have a Coca-Cola Freestyle—those digital, touchscreen machines that are able to spit out a seemingly unlimited variety of carbonated drinks. Though locations with the unique soda-making device are limited, Coca-Cola does offer a website that can help you find one of the machines at a Burger King near you, meaning you shouldn’t have to pop your head into every Burger King in the city to score a fountain Surge.

Admittedly, tracking the whereabouts of Surge and whether it is or is not available hasn’t been particularly easy since it first returned as an Amazon exclusive back in 2014. By the following year, the soda had landed on store shelves, and it appears that you can still score Surge both online and in select stores to this day. However, as far as fountain Surge is concerned, apparently, Burger King is your only option.

It isn’t the first time Burger King has tempted fast food customers with the soda. Back in 2015, Burger King was the lone chain where people could score a “Frozen Surge,” basically a Surge slushy. That drink was only around for a limited time. But how long fountain Surge will be around, however, is yet to be seen.

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