Plus, all the recipes you need to know for when you're using your new appliance. 
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Sur La Table multicookers sale
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Instant Pots and other slow cookers were among the most popular kitchen appliances last year. People loved them for good reason: The Instant Pot, for instance, makes life so much easier for busy people and families because as its name suggests, it cooks food quickly. Expect rice to cook in ten minutes. Expect steamed vegetables and braised meats. A multicooker like the Instant Pot will do it all. Thanks to Sur La Table, you now have the chance to snag one without breaking the bank.

On 4/26, Sur La Table is launching an epic sale: Its multicooker inventory will be up to 55 percent off. This space-saving kitchen accessory is the ultimate sous chef: It makes pot roast for big family dinners or soups that you can eat for lunch all week. One guy even figured out how to make wine in his.

Multicookers can perform a few unexpected tricks, too: While it might be sacrilege to some Italian chefs, Rick Bayless says that his favorite recipe to cook in his Instant Pot is risotto. If Bayless can figure out how to whip up this famously labor-intensive dish in his pressure cooker, then there’s a good chance you’ll be to able experiment and create your own dishes using the appliance, too.

Although Sur La Table has yet to reveal which multicookers will be included in the sale—you’ll just have to check the site on 4/26 to find out yourself—Food & Wine did put together a list of the absolute best slow cookers on the market right now, which should serve as a good guide when you’re deciding which one to buy.

The sale ends on 4/30, meaning you have just four days to become a multicooker convert. If you need more encouragement, you’ll also get free shipping on all orders over $59. There’s hardly a more versatile kitchen appliance out there right now, and with so many practical ways to use it, I’m betting you won’t regret the investment. If you need more advice on how to use your new slow cooker, here are 5 things every slow cooker user should know.

Update 4/25: Sur La Table's slow cooker sale includes deals up to 55 percent off. The text of this post has been updated to reflect this.