Cast iron skillets, cutlery, and even a pizza oven are deeply discounted right now. 
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Lamb Rib
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Although Memorial Day is probably the first day that you and your neighbors will pull the grill out of the garage, it will most certainly not be the last. Chances are, your family and friends are going to be requesting your presence at the grill lot in coming months, between block parties and pool parties. You’ll probably welcome the news, then, that Sur La Table is having a blowout sale on grilling equipment, cookware, ice cream makers, an outdoor pizza oven, and even more, so you can stay fully stocked with the best tools for summer cooking.

Let’s start with grilling equipment, which is 20 percent off. Replace your old, rusty tools with brand new ones: Grill grids, steak thermometers, and tongs are all available.

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Sur La Table Stainless Steel Grill Grid, $20 on

Cast iron cookware, which can be used on the grill, but is also incredibly versatile and can be used year round in your kitchen to make everything from lamb chops to apple crisp, is up to 45 percent off. You can nab a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet for as little as $9 during the sale, or a Lodge Dutch Oven for $47.

Pizza Oven
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Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven, $240 on

Not only will you need the best grilling equipment, you’ll also need a couple tools that will upgrade any party you’re throwing this summer: The Pizzeria Pronto pizza oven, for instance, makes a 14-inch pie, and you can use it not just on your patio, but when you’re tailgating and camping, too. Meanwhile, this Cuisinart ice cream maker would make the perfect accessory for a kid’s birthday party.

Drinks Pitcher
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Classic Beverage Jar, $12 on

There are even more deals, though: Everything in Sur La Table’s clearance section is also 20 percent off, and there are some amazing products ready to be snatched up: This half gallon beverage jar, for instance, is the perfect vessel for pitcher drinks that you can use during dinner parties and family gatherings. If you’re looking to replace your own kitchen tools, this 7-piece set is only $52 and includes a spatula, slotted spoon, and a whisk.

Just remember, these deals might not last past Memorial Day weekend, so stock up on your favorite pieces while you still can. All the dinner guests you’re sure to be cooking for this summer will thank you.