Supreme Teams with Oreo for a Fashionable Cookie Collaboration

The streetwear brand announced branded Oreo cookies as part of its upcoming collection.

For being such a simple sandwich cookie, Oreos have been offered in a mind-boggling number of varieties—from thin to extremely over-stuffed, from Game of Thrones-branded to completely blank, and in more flavors than most people can even wrap their head around. But what about a high-profile fashion brand collab? For a cookie with over a hundred varieties on its Wikipedia listing, I'd never guarantee this is a first—but it sure seems that way.

A supreme logo sticker
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Supreme—the popular New York City-based brand embraced by "skaters, punks, hip-hop heads [and] the young counter culture at large—recently unveiled its Spring/Summer 2020 preview, and among the usual listings of coats and kicks, the accessories section features an unexpected item that's grabbing plenty of attention: a Supreme/Oreo Cookies (Pack of 3).

On the Supreme website, the item is simply billed as "Double Stuff Oreo cookies with baked logo. 3 cookies per pack." Meanwhile, the image says it all: an Oreo with Supreme's signature red hue and instead of the usual "Oreo" oval marking, the rectangular "Supreme" logo.

Though Supreme's details are very slim, the streetwear-focused Instagram account Ovrnundr purports to show a leaked photo of the three-packs in their complete packaging and says the retail price will be $8 or £6. (Other sites have written that each individual Oreo cookie will cost $8; however, none of them provide a source for this information. And frankly, why would you talk about individual cookie prices if they come in a three-pack?)

Regardless, they say "a picture is worth a thousand words," but in the case of a picture of a Supreme-branded Oreo, it's worth even more: a thousand Twitter replies. The Twitter account The Supreme Saint posted the Oreo image from Supreme's site to their over 100,000 followers yesterday, and the fashionable Oreo received a massive response: currently over 14,000 retweets and 50,000 likes. Yes, it seems even a 100-plus-year-old cookie can stay on-trend.

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