One dinner features both Drake and Giada de Laurentiis.
virginia black by drake
Credit: George Pimentel / Getty Images

The supper club moment is not over.

In fact, a new over-the-top supper club hits Vaughan, Ontario in June featuring huge names, both in and outside of the food world. The crazy-exclusive, members-only supper club, called Après Noir, will take place every month, drawing inspiration from the Las Vegas strip and featuring food from some of the country's most recognized chefs (think Giada, think Bobby) as well as intimate performances from musicians like Drake and Jennifer Hudson. The motto of the supper club—yes, this is the kind of supper club that has a motto—will be, "Embrace the opulence.”

The mastermind is events veteran Carlo Parentela, who told The Star that he "borrowed $4 million to do this." According to The Star story, single tickets will start at $1,250, and annual memberships, which come with 12 Après Noir dinners, go for $15,300, $20,400 and $25,500 (“platinum,” “executive” and “elite;” each level offers different perks.)

Drake will be performing at Après Noir's June 7 launch, and Giada de Laurentiis will be cooking dinner. Each of the six courses will have wine pairings "presented by a Top Sommelier, of which some eclipses $1,000 per bottle," reads the website.

“That was through the friends network,” Parentela told The Star of snagging Drake. "No one believed I really got Drake and I really paid him ... When we started talking to the other talent, they were like, ‘You got Drake? Are you sure you’ve got Drake?’"

Seemingly, the Drake bait worked, and other talent came on board, including Jennifer Hudson, Rob Thomas, and David Blaine scheduled for later this summer.

As you might have already guessed, not just anyone can be a member. You have to apply through the website, and they'll contact you if they're interested.

"It’s for people who can afford it. They’re sitting on tens of millions," Parentela said. "What’s two grand or three grand a person for the night?”