Port-Mulled Cherries with Ricotta“I top fresh ricotta with cherries that I’ve picked in the spring and frozen. The cherries absorb the natural sweetness of the port,” explains pastry chef Gale Gand of Tru in Chicago about one of her favorite three-ingredient desserts (right).

Banana Puffs Fill puff-pastry squares with apricot jam and banana slices, fold in half and bake.

Chocolate Bonbons Freeze ice cream balls. Dip in melted chocolate, roll in chopped pistachios; refreeze.

Dipped Strawberries Dip strawberries in caramel, then in chocolate and chill.

Ice Cream Pie Crush cookies and press into a pie plate with melted butter. Fill with ice cream, top with toasted coconut and freeze.

Pavlovas Spread whipped cream or lemon curd on store-bought meringue cookies. Top with raspberries.

Pineapple Foster Fresh pineapple is caramelized with butter and brown sugar, flambéed with rum and served with vanilla ice cream.

Trifle Spread pound cake slices with jam and layer in a bowl with whipped cream. Top with fresh berries.