Power up your breakfast with your favorite plumber.
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Credit: Courtesy of Nintendo

Super Mario fans, prepare yourselves: Super Mario cereal is here take your breakfast to the next level. Kellogg's new Super Mario Cereal will include star-shaped puffs and Mario-inspired marshmallows, for a Lucky Charms-esque sugary cereal. Rumors of the Super Mario cereal first circulated when cereal blog (yep, there are cereal blogs) posted about it on Monday, but now we know for sure—it's a real thing that we'll be able to actually buy.

Super Mario cereal is promoting the new Nintendo Switch "Super Mario Odyssey" game. As part of this promotion, the cereal box will have special Amiibo stickers to unlock power-ups in the game. Prefer your games analog? The back of the box will feature a Mario maze made out of the classic Mario pipes and interspersed with Super Mario trivia questions.

Of course, this isn't the first ever Super Mario-themed cereal. 1989's "Nintendo Cereal System" featured two cereals in one box: a " Super Mario Bros. cereal with "fruit-flavored Marios, Mushrooms, and Goombas" and a Legend of Zelda cereal with "berry-flavored Links, Hearts, and Shields."

Mario also made an appearance in 1983's Donkey Kong Cereal, a corn cereal shaped like Donkey Kong's barrels. The slogan "The crunch will drive you ape!" is nothing compared to the ad copy: "So invite your favorite gorilla to breakfast today and crunch into new Donkey Kong Cereal!" Lots of exclamation points on this one.

1983 also gifted the world with this wonderfully creepy General Mills Pac-Man cereal, so that you could make like the ghosts and eat Pac-Man.

They even added Mrs. Pac-Man marshmallows eventually, which gifted the world with this horrifying image of Pac-Man either juggling or about to eat three Mrs. Pac-Men. You can watch all the Pac-Man cereal commercials here.

Video game-inspired cereals weren't just a thing of the 80s. You might remember this Kellogg's Pokémon cereal from 2000, with marshmallow Poliwhirls, Dittos, Oddishes, and Pikachus.

It's almost as good as the Pokémon burger.