By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 12, 2015
Credit: © vanillasky / Alamy

It’s been 30 years since "Super Mario Bros." was first released in Japan, and to celebrate, the iconic video game is getting its own pop-up cafés featuring a bunch of extremely 8-bit-looking food items. According to Rocket News 24, between select dates in late June and early July, Tokyo’s three Tower Records Cafés (let’s not linger on how Tower Records is still around in Japan) will be transformed into limited-edition Super Mario Bros. cafés.

The dishes appear to vary from location to location but include items like a Mario Latte featuring every older sibling’s favorite character (because we got to go first!) drawn in foam art, a Super Star Rice Omelet, Peach Panna Cotta and a Banana Block (aka Question Block) Tira Misu, where the surprise inside is a sugar coma. There are also drinks as well, such as a Piranha Plant Soda and the very Japanese-sounding Underwater Stage Drink.

Unfortunately, the menus don’t seem to feature any magical mushrooms for patrons to chow down on. Probably just as well; I’m already desperately in need of a diet without suddenly doubling in size.