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roast salmon with lime salsa is super green if you use wild Alaskan fishI love anything with the word super in it. But I’d love the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s just-out Super Green List even if it had a different name. The outstanding guide takes the aquarium’s decade-old, indispensable Seafood Watch program a step further, including fish that are good for you (high in omega-3 fatty acids; low in contaminants) as well as good for the environment.

It’s not a moment too soon: According to the New York Times Green Inc. blog, seafood consumption is on the rise, and by 2030, we’ll need an additional 37 million tons of seafood to meet global demand. So pay attention to the Super Green List, and especially Best of the Best choices like wild Alaskan salmon, farmed mussels, farmed oysters and wild Pacific sardines.

From the vast arsenal of F&W seafood recipes, here are a few great Super Green ones. Don’t forget to check the source of your fish and shellfish before buying.

Roast Salmon with Lime Salsa

Crisp Salmon with Avocado Salad
Stuffed Fried Sardines
Broiled Mussels with Hot Paprika Crumbs
Pan-Fried Oysters with Creamy Radish and Cucumber Salad