Dip brand Heluva Good has a way to keep your chips, dip and beer as close as possible, all in one place.

fanny pack
Credit: Courtesy of Heluva Good

Watching the Super Bowl is more intense than most sporting events. Sure, every play is important because someone is going to hoist the Lombardi Trophy and someone is going to go home empty handed. But every commercial is important too! Some years it seems like the next day’s discussion is more about the ads than the actual football. For that reason, come game time, you literally don’t have a second to spare: Simple things like eyeing up the chips or hunting for your beer could mean you’ve totally missed out.

group shot of super bowl fanny pack
Credit: Courtesy of Heluva Good

Thankfully, dip brand Heluva Good has an idea to make sure you have everything where you need it at kickoff time. The Heluva Good No Fumble Fanny Pack is – as the name implies – a dip-friendly fanny pack with plenty of room for all your important items.

On the left side is a koozie-lined cup holder, perfect for stashing your beer or other beverages. By your right hand, you’ll find a pouch conveniently sized to hold plenty of chips. And right in the middle of it all, a space specifically designed to hold a tub of Heluva Good dip. It’s even got a pocket for your cellphone! If that sounds like a lot for a fanny pack to handle, don’t worry: This No Fumble Fanny Pack puts spill-prevention at the top of its priorities, so it also has built-in suspenders to keep everything secure.

Unfortunately, these No Fumble Fanny Packs aren’t being sold in stores. Instead, the only way to get one is to enter a sweepstakes via the Heluva Good website. The company is giving out one fanny pack a day every day until the Super Bowl. Then, the company will also be choosing a grand prize winner: That winner will get a Yeti cooler, an Insignia TV, an Instant Pot pressure cooker, and of course, the No Fumble Fanny Pack – except that this fanny pack will also be autographed by legendary NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice! The only question is which family portrait will you choose to take down so you have a prominent place to hang it?