2019 Super Bowl Commercials: The Best, Funniest, Weirdest Food-Focused Ads (So Far)

One features the world's most unlikely duo: Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw and Jeff Bridges' The Dude. 

This year's Super Bowl doesn't kick off until Sunday, February 3. But even though the Patriots and the Rams have a week to go before their big showdown, we already have a sneak peek at one of the best parts of the game: the commercials!

Stella Artois

This year's batch includes a slew of food-focused ads that really go big. Some highlights: Cardi B drinks a Pepsi, Zoe Kravitz gives us chills with an ASMR-style spot for Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, and Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude switch up their go-to drinks (a Cosmo and a White Russian, respectively) for pints of Stella Artois. Check out a few of our favorites, below.

Stella Artois

Even though The Dude (The Big Lebowski) and Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) inhabit two very different worlds, both characters made their debut in 1998 (just three months apart). So, it's not totally out of the question that they'd meet at some point, right? In this Stella Artois spot, Jeff Bridges and Sarah Jessica Parker, playing their most famous alter egos, walk into a restaurant and shock the staff by ditching their signature cocktails (a White Russian for The Dude and a Cosmo for Carrie) in favor of Stella Artois. In case you were wondering, yes, Bridges slips in one "The Dude abides" just before the commercial ends.


If you're watching a Busweiser Super Bowl commercial, you know you're in for some Clydesdales. This ad focuses on the brand's recent switch to windpower—illustrated by a Dalmatian (ears flapping in the wind), on top of a wagon (pulled by Clydesdales, obviously), rolling past wind turbines as Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" plays. Message received!

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold's ad literally induces tingles. Well, at least it does in people who are receptive to ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response. In this spot, titled "The Pure Experience," Zoe Kravitz taps gently on a Michelob bottle, listens to the fizzing of bubbles, and whispers things like "this place...so pure...you can feel it." Sure!


In this Super Bowl ad, titled "Is Pepsi OK?," Cardi B sips from the most beautiful, bedazzled Pepsi can we have ever seen. Lil Jon pops up to give his signature "OK," Cardi chimes in with her "okurrrr," and Steve Carell tries to replicate the Grammy-winning songstress's trill with...mixed results.


Bubly Sparkling Water, a Pepsi-owned product, teamed up with Michael Bublé in a partnership that was pure destiny. In this ad, the singer systematically goes through a convenience store fridge, picking up each can of Bubly, crossing out the y's and replacing them with é's.


Devour's Super Bowl commercial likens their line of frozen meals to "frozen food porn." Look, frozen food porn addiction is real, and it can seriously affect your relationship.

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