Here's How Many Chicken Wings Americans Will Eat During the Super Bowl

If projections hold true, we're about to set another record.

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Super Bowl Sunday isn't just the biggest day in professional football, it just might be the biggest day in snacking. Game day parties are the perfect showcase for all kinds of crowd-pleasing recipes, from chips and dips to sliders and the ever-present chicken wings. Whether you like them spicy or sweet, saucy or dry-rubbed, fried or roasted, the moment you choose to bite into either a flat or drumette, you're joining millions of your fellow football fans in chewing down on a massive amount of chicken. This year is no exception, as the National Chicken Council predicts American's are about to set another record come February 3.

Even if you don't plan on eating chicken wings during Super Bowl weekend, someone has you covered as four wings will be consumed for every man, woman, and child living in the United States, according to a recent NCC announcement. That total number comes to 1.39 billion (with a 'b') wing pieces, a whopping 27 million more than last year. (An NCC spokesperson explains that the projection is based on production data, market research, and past consumption.)

If you'd like to envision just how many wing pieces that is, take a look at the NCC's infographic below:

Super Bowl Chicken Wings
Courtesy of National Chicken Council

In light of Sunday's mass-consumption of chicken wings, the NCC is also hoping to put a national holiday on the books to celebrate the humble chicken wing. But lest it be overshadowed by sports, the NCC is lobbying Congress and the president to name the Monday following the Super Bowl National Chicken Wing Appreciation Day. If you're as passionate about chicken as the NCC is, you can voice your support by signing the petition yourself here.

And if you're already salivating at the thought of devouring some game-day poultry, here are our best chicken wing recipes.

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