The loser will be expected to pour the winner’s beer in their taproom for a day.
Yards Brewing Company
Credit: DIGSAU

Whenever a major sporting event comes along, local officials and businesses from the two competing teams’ cities always take the opportunity to show their hometown pride by placing friendly wagers. For instance, during this past World Series, California and Texas wagered one state’s wine against the other’s barbecue. Now, for the Super Bowl LII matchup between the Boston-based New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, two breweries have wagered something that both cities have a long history of loving: beer.

Philadelphia’s Yards Brewing Company, whose Philadelphia Pale Ale is consistently one of the best pale ales in America, brokered a deal with Boston’s Harpoon Brewery, best known for their signature Harpoon IPA and line of UFO wheat beers: The brewery in the losing team’s city will have to serve the other brewery’s beers in their taproom for an entire day.

“To our friends at Harpoon: Get ready to wear some Green, a very dynamic and blue-collar kind of color – and it looks great on everyone, from casual fans to pretty boy quarterbacks,” said Tom Kehoe, founder and brewmaster at Yards, which recently upgraded to a new brewing facility. “The last time we moved our brewery, the Phillies won the World Series, and we handed out free Philly Pale Ale to fans celebrating in the streets. Now, after once again opening a new facility, we are hoping some of that Yards good luck will rub off on our high-flying NFC champs. Let’s go Birds!”

Meanwhile, Harpoon’s CEO and co-founder had his statement locked and loaded as well. “While we’d like to try Yards Brewing Company’s delicious ales someday, we’re confident we’ll be serving nothing but lots of Harpoon after the big game next weekend,” he said. “When the Patriots take home the W, we’ll be celebrating with a cool pint of Harpoon IPA and smiles on our faces, knowing that everyone at Yards Brewing Company is doing the same. Go Pats!”

Interestingly enough, however, as the Boston Globe pointed out, Massachusetts’ law prohibits breweries from selling beer in their taprooms that wasn’t produced in the same facility. As a result, a Harpoon spokesman had to clarify to the paper that, instead, if the Patriots lose, the brewery would lead tours through their facility where samples of Yards beer would be available. Sounds about right: Leave it to New England fans to cheat the rules!