By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 29, 2016

Your Super Bowl ticket cost you a billion dollars (or something in that neighborhood; I haven’t looked at StubHub recently), meaning you want to make sure you catch every single second of the game, every Peyton Manning “Omaha” scream, every ivory tickled by Coldplay.

Thankfully, Levi’s Stadium and its high-tech Super Bowl 50 stadium app have got you covered. The San Francisco 49ers home field in Santa Clara, California, was chosen specifically because it’s the NFL’s latest and greatest venue—opening in 2014. And though Bay Area fans are probably already familiar with many of their stadium app’s bells and whistles, people visiting the fancy NFL field for the first time might be excited to hear that they can can pre-order concessions for pickup and eve

According to Mobile Sports Report, the kind of site that probably knows about these sorts of things, the Super Bowl 50 stadium app was designed by VenueNext, the same company behind Levi’s Stadium’s own app, so many of the features are the same as what 49ers fans have been enjoying already. One change the site has noted, however, is that during the regular season, even food can get delivered directly to fans’ seats. Unfortunately, this feature has apparently been nixed owing to fear of an overload, but don’t fret too much: The app can even tell you which windows are closest and least crowded to reduce your pickup walking and waiting time.

As for beverage delivery, it’s worth noting that having beers delivered directly to your seat will incur a $5 delivery fee, but that’s basically peanuts when you’re paying $13 for a bottle of Bud Light. Yes, a Super Bowl Bud Light in the app is currently priced at $13.

Luckily, you brought your Cleveland Browns flask with you. You call it your “Cleveland Browns” flask because sneaking in is the only way it’ll ever make it to the Super Bowl.

[h/t Eater]