Last week, New York Magazine ran a piece on the exploding “functional drink” market. Apparently, plain water doesn’t cut it anymore, even if it’s imported from the purest springs or filtered through volcanic rock in Fuji, Japan. The latest craze is brightly colored beverages like SoBe Life Water, Vitaminwater, Function Drinks’ Urban Detox, Snapple’s Antioxidant Water and Propel Fit Water. As a runner and yoga devotee, I’ve always wondered if I should be drinking some magic, post-recovery elixir to rebalance my electrolytes and rehydrate my body. But there’s just something too gimmicky and artificial about these wonder drinks, and after a five-mile run I always find myself reaching for plain H20.

Recently, though, I’ve become addicted to coconut water, the delicious liquid inside of young coconuts. My yoga studio is stocked with a fridge of Tetra Pak sippy boxes of it, and fellow classmates down two or three per class. It’s super-refreshing and revitalizing, all-natural, low in calories and packed with potassium. And unlike coconut milk, it’s fat-free. I’m eagerly awaiting the day when they start handing it out at the water stations of road races instead of Gatorade.

Now O.N.E., a drink company that sells coconut water, has developed two new, super-functional, all-natural drinks—one derived from coffee berry and the other from cashew fruit. Who knew that cashew nuts actually grow from the bottom of the oval-shaped “cashew apple,” which has more than five times the vitamin C of an orange, plus is loaded with B vitamins? I can’t handle the acidity of O.J., so this has become my new morning juice. It’s a lot lighter than regular fruit juice, with a completely unusual citrusy, nutty taste.


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O.N.E. cashew juice