The "purple stuff" ads just got an update. 
Credit: Instagram/sunnydofficial

For those of us who grew up in the ‘90s, Sunny Delight—since rebranded as SunnyD (get off my lawn!)—had some of the most iconic commercials of our childhood. This line is probably forever burned into your brain: “Okay, we got O.J., some purple stuff, some soda, Sunny Delight.” That infamous “purple stuff” ad was so well-known Dave Chappelle even referenced it in a joke during one of his stand up specials.

But the year is now 2018, and not a single child in the world today was alive for any part of the ‘90s. (Let that sink in.) SunnyD realizes this, and the drink brand is once again starting anew with an ad campaign specifically targeting the 13- to 18-year-old age group known as Generation Z.

SunnyD has refreshed the brand’s logo, relaunched its website, and renovated its social media channels. But that’s just the beginning: It’s also introduced a new tagline and ad campaign, “Boldly Original,” the brand’s first national campaign since 2015.

The first of these spots can currently be seen on Facebook. “SunnyD is truly one-of-a-kind, and it’s time to share its originality with a whole new generation by celebrating that group’s own originality,” John LeBoutillier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Harvest Hill, producer of SunnyD, said in a statement.

So what constitutes Gen Z originality? Well, SunnyD’s commercials include “a cast of diverse teens—from a cycling acrobat to a budding scientist,” as well as a “can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head new track from rising star DJ Kass, whose ‘Scooby Doo Pa Pa’ became a viral YouTube sensation earlier this year.”

Back in those ‘90s TV ads, there’s a part where one of the rollerbladers says something to the effect of “Mega gnarly, Mrs. B!” The TV mom classically responds, “Thanks! I think.” Don’t feel bad if you suddenly feel like that mom. It happens to everyone eventually.